Stemming over-population in sub-Saharan Africa

Over 200 million women worldwide would gladly practice birth control if they had that option

Adjoa Ankra carries her baby, wrapped in a white blanket, on her back. The 28-year-old woman set off from home at dawn and is now standing with several dozens other women in the courtyard of a health...[Lesen]


Africa Awakens From Its China Naivety

Is Africa facing a new debt crisis due to unsustainable loans?

The letter bearing the reference "MC/19/3" represents a novelty in Chinese-African relations. Kabineh Kallon, Sierra Leone's Minister for Transport and Aviation, explains in sober tones that, after...[Lesen]


Three African States That Are Doing It Right

There is progress in Africa - some countries are standing out (article from 2014)

John Kerry had some friendly words to say at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit held in Washington last month. The U.S. Secretary of State flattered participants by noting that the discussions were very...[Lesen]


Manola's story

Manola Rajaonarison thought she was going to Lebanon to work as a housekeeper. That’s what the agency said. What she didn’t know was that she would repeatedly be humiliated and abused

Standing at the window of the third-story apartment in Beirut, all Manola Rajaonarison could see outside were gigantic apartment blocks. In her hand, she held a piece of paper with her father’s...[Lesen]


Clearing Ebola's Dead In Liberia

Meet the heroes of Monrovia who are trying to stop the disease

Nyilah leads Dead Body Management (DBM) Team 5 in Monrovia, Liberia's capital. In this country, the Ebola virus rages like nowhere else. Over half of the 4,500 people killed by the virus worldwide...[Lesen]