From Kidnap Victim to Murderous Militant

The family of ICC-indicted LRA-Leader Ongwen pleads for mercy

The two brothers took the same route to school each day, an hour’s trek past fields and scattered huts. Dominic, the younger one, would talk about his drawings — he loved sketching angels, and...[Lesen]


Manola's story

Manola Rajaonarison thought she was going to Lebanon to work as a housekeeper. That’s what the agency said. What she didn’t know was that she would repeatedly be humiliated and abused

Standing at the window of the third-story apartment in Beirut, all Manola Rajaonarison could see outside were gigantic apartment blocks. In her hand, she held a piece of paper with her father’s...[Lesen]


Serving Lunch And Cheating Death In Mogadishu

The singular story of a Somali restaurateur who left the sweet life in the UK to return to his war-ravaged homeland

When the injured had been taken care of and the dead taken away, Ahmed Jama went to his kitchen. He tied the white apron around his waist and began cooking.

Soup with spinach, pumpkin, potatoes and...[Lesen]


Ghana struggles to cash in "black gold" dreams

Five years after the discovery of a major offshore oilfield, people in Ghana are still banking on better times ahead - to the benefit of super expensive oil training schools

The route to the training center is a crumbling asphalt road losing its battle with encroaching vegetation. The guards sitting in a wooden hut to our right barely look up as we drive past. Ebow...[Lesen]